Kwadraad is a unique client to Sunbytes. Kwadraad is a foundation that carries out social work in the Netherlands. They provide support to people who seek social, financial and/or emotional aid. We found a strong professional connection with Kwadraad as an organization that is innovative and ready for the future.

In recent 10 years, Kwadraad has developed its own client contact system in which professionals and clients communicate and keep track of their progress. Together with Kwadraad, we have worked on building new, user-friendly functions and even a whole new system that is based on a microservice architecture.

At the same time, we provide ongoing support in upgrading the system on all fronts. Organization is essential to Kwadraad’s business model and so Sunbytes tied together their online administration to efficiently keep track of the data that is needed to support their clients and the government organizations.

With Sunbytes’ hands-on developers and meticulous management, Kwadraad’s online presence is continuously evolving.

In this collaboration, Sunbytes deployed a Team as a Service with (Architects and UX/UI from our Dutch office and a senior development team from our Vietnamese office). In addition to the core team, flexible resources are brought in when other areas of expertise are required.

Kwadraad uses Jira project management software to record planning, progress and agreements. Clear and concise communication has always been maintained for our client and we are committed to their future.

We have a strict and systematic testing process including bug tracking, quality assurance testing and user acceptance testing on the client’s side. We ensure the loose ends attributed to IT development are managed when you lack the skills, time or resources.


"Simplifying complex issues"

The challange…

Together with Kwadraad we have redesigned the online portal and are renewing the whole application. The current version was build around 2010 and we concluded that it needed an update. Not just from a coding and structure perspective, but also from a UX/UI perspective. 

This gave us the chance to go back to the drawboard and reinvent the application in a new way. We where able to use new technologies, new UX/UI standards and really focus on the users that are using it in this day and age.

With this change we onboarded more members in the team and utilized both our office the come to a great result. This all was only possible with a clear project management in place, daily standups and an involvement from the client side to make sure assumptions where not the interfering with the needed results.