The year 2020 spun the world on its head, and with that, the isolation each of us experienced has transcended the world of business into an era of innovative and quirky startups and SMEs. Starting or scaling a business would quiver even the soundest of entrepreneurs, as this stage of the business plan is doomed for slip-ups with a lack of expertise, time management, and an undersized budget at the forefront of the issues. In an ideal environment, when technological goals are necessary for startups and SMEs, people now are interested in learning about the benefits of hiring a dedicated team.

It’s a daunting task to identify talent who can meet your particular tech needs at a price that doesn’t impede other areas of spending. Long-term advantages are expected when you work with a dedicated software team. It’s also worth noting that the IT Outsourcing market is projected to reach US$396.30bn in 2022. So continue reading to learn more about the benefits of hiring a dedicated team that Sunbytes is offering and apply it to your business.

What is the dedicated team model?

The format of a dedicated software development team can slightly vary across different software development companies and the purpose of the project. In its basic description, a dedicated team is assembled for a client like you and the team reports directly to you in a long-term agreement to fulfill your tech needs.

The client (SMEs or startups) can engage directly with team members, monitor daily operations, and track overall project progress. This direct engagement technique assists both clients and software developers in staying on the same page and adjusting to changing objectives during the process.

A dedicated team is technically your employees, however, we find that these teams usually work remotely and on a full-time basis without the administrative and location issues.

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What are the benefits of hiring a dedicated team?

Now that we understand what the dedicated team model is and what it means, let’s outline the benefits of hiring a dedicated team for your SMEs or startups.

1. The dedicated team model is economically viable.

Gone are the days of hiring and building an in-house in a cramped city center office with weeks of training seminars along with lost time and expenses. Hiring a dedicated team defies this prehistoric business norm and accelerates your specific startup goals at the fraction of the costs. Rather than directing the new front-end developer towards the office canteen you can now discuss ideas with your hired team online and rest assured your budget is coming to good use.

2. The team’s sole priority is for your business.

One of the benefits of hiring a dedicated team is the focus of the team on your business. Once you’ve gathered the necessary expertise, a smart dedicated team will consult and engage in your business goals, emphasizing planning and executing each assignment with a focus on results. With this level of efficiency and attention to a client’s values and culture, it’s easy to see why dedicated teams are the best solution to most startup/SME problems.

3. You get access to a broader pool of skills.

It’s a no-brainer that relying on a traditional in-house team means your talent opportunity is limited by location. The main difference between an in-house team and a dedicated team is that the dedicated team will typically work remotely, thereby increasing your talent pool to practically anywhere in the world. Check our latest article on the top countries to outsource your software development projects.

A dedicated development team model enables you to network and employs a global set of professionals for each project, as well as simple additions to the team if more support is required.

4. You can significantly cut down on your time-to-market.

The software sector thrives and benefits from speed. Your client’s priority is to have their project/service on the market in the shortest amount of time possible to reap the rewards. If you need to develop a product quickly without sacrificing quality, dedicated developers will prove to be very helpful. Building trust and allowing outsourcing professionals to focus on the quality of your project will help to avoid any significant delays in the business’s launch date.

5. Dedicated teams are highly flexible and scalable.

In every case, business demands flexibility and scalability, thus a dedicated team can easily include this in your software development goals. The initial choice of the number of specialists required on the team does not have to be definitive. The DT model allows you to add employees and resources (software and equipment) as needed, as well as reduce the team size if necessary.

6. The dedicated team always means increased productivity.

Without a question, productivity is one of the benefits that help a company get a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced software market. The belief that productivity can be reached in an unbroken environment is backed up by research.

Keeping this in mind, the dedicated team model emphasizes productivity. To begin with, a dedicated team is fully committed to your project and the responsibilities they’ve been allocated. Furthermore, it’s highly possible that your dedicated team members have already collaborated on several projects, implying better communication among coworkers and smoother team processes.

7. Multicultural work environment

Hiring an offshore and nearshore dedicated team is a unique chance to get in touch with representatives of various cultures and work ethics. The global integration within the office environment allows the team to expand their social network and collaborate on software methods used in other parts of the world. These interactions give rise to team unity through the communication systems established and the prioritization of completing projects together.

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Possible drawbacks of hiring a dedicated team

Although no model or strategy is perfect to get the most out of your dedicated team, some considerations would need to be taken before you start seeking a team of Jimmy Neutrons for your startup/SME. Overcoming the obstacles will take some planning and awareness to ensure cooperation is victorious. Take a look at some of the drawbacks to the dedicated team model and some tips to avoid them.


  • Issues with new team members’ communication
  • Threats to security and confidentiality
  • Differences in culture
  • It’s more difficult to motivate a group online.
  • Time zone differences could be a hindrance to your collaboration.


  • Require your partner for workforce and expense planning: The risk of financial setbacks for startups and SMEs can be damning so make sure you’re spending your money properly, and that this agreement is well worth the money. At Sunbytes, we always provide our partners with heads-ups about costs and workforce planning report so that they can better manage their financial budget and resource allocation.
  • Request your IT staff augmentation supplier to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreements. NDAs are the consent that your dedicated developers or team members will be prohibited from disclosing any information about your project of any type. At Sunbytes, we demand our team members sign all the NDA forms on their first day at work.
  • Solidify your legal documents and ensure you completely understand the nature and timescale of your partnership with a dedicated team and protect your business’s intellectual property.
  • Build up remote team culture. Learn more about our tips to build up remote team culture
  • Host an introduction where all your in-house staff and the dedicated team can get to know each other. This allows them to figure out communication styles from the outset and to put a face to the updated emails being received.

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