Thanks to many donors, we were once again able to help out less fortunate people. For the March 2016 charity edition, we chose the Vinh Son nursing home in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City as the place we would visit and bring joy to poor elderly without any relatives left to be taken care of.

Vinh Son is inhabited by 59 elderly ranging from 60 to 97 years old. This Catholic nursing home only excepts elderly who proofed to be poor and have no relatives left.

On Saturday March 26, we visited Vinh Son with a group of 10 employees and friends. Seeing us visiting the place and talking to many of them meant visibly a lot to these elderly. With help of donors, we brought cookies (they really liked it) and milk as a small present for each individual within Vinh Son. In addition, we bought other supporting products, which were requested by Vinh Son. All remaining funds were donated to Vinh Son as well. The total amount was VND20,000,000.

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