Hacking quote – New York Times

15 MAY 2017

In my role as Chair of the ICT Committee of EuroCham Vietnam I was asked to give a quote about recent hacks of European companies in Vietnam.

Hacking quote – New York Times

As you can read in the articles below (NY Times and EuroCham) we have given an extensive quote about our view of what is happening in Vietnam at the moment. When we were reading the final article online we saw that they subject was not the assumed normal increase of malware and hacking attempts, but targeted attacks from governments hackers. This was in not way clear when we were giving the quote. The quote itself stands and like we mentioned in the article we see an increase in attacks on foreign and local companies.

Within Sunbytes we have clear and strict guidelines when it comes to security. Next to the usual suspects (safe passwords with thanks to Lastpass) we are always creating awareness towards our employees and clients. We do this by checking of the guidelines have been followed and advising our clients which steps they should take. A short summary of the usual suspects:

  • Do not download or install illegal software
  • Do not share keys, passwords via sms, skype or other tools not managed and approved by the company
  • Mail from third party senders that are new to us will be approached with extra caution
  • Strong passwords for sites, servers and WiFi
  • Creating awareness towards our clients and show them the risks

For small businesses as private use security can be quite expensive. By holding on to a few simple but important guidelines you can prevent a lot of issues. There is no 100% safe system that is connected to the internet, but creating a basic understanding of the do’s and don’ts will help you a lot.

Here are the two articles: New York TimesEuroCham