Our services

Sunbytes is an IT company that services businesses with our TAAS methode all over the world. Whether you need a team for 6 months or for 24 months, we have the right resources for you.

Outsourcing resources from Vietnam

Whether you need temporarily or long term solutions we are here to help you get your development on track. Sunbytes offers flexible outsourcing services to be sure that your web development will go as planned. Our structure and fees are basic and not complex. For a one time fee (startup costs) and a fixed monthly fee we will supply the resources that your organisation needs. We will guide, train (if needed), and take care of all the legal and HR stuff. This way you can focus on the product and process of your organization. All our developers are directly hired by Sunbytes and work from our office.

What kind of resources do we offer:

Does Sunbytes also work project base?

Yes, next to our dedicated resources Sunbytes also works project base. A lot of our clients do not have the technical knowhow to work with dedicated resources. They prefer to work on projects with us. Important to mention is that although it is project based we work very closely together to optimise the workflow and create a IT backoffice for ll their needs. We will always be a sub-contractor and will not in any way try to directly sell or contact the end-clients. Our workflow and vision is to work for agencies without direct contact with their client. Because we do many projects there is for us no added value to contact one-time clients. We train our clients not only how to use the applications or extent the business case we also train them in how to manage expectations from their clients.

Our aim is to provide high quality employees. We therefore focus not on the quantity outsourcing market, but on the quality of our developers. Because of the strict recruiting and training process, we offer real added value to your team and company.