IT Staffing

IT staffing for experts and beginners. Sunbytes offers tailor made solutions for everyone who is in need for IT staffing. We supply dedicated teams, or single developers based on your needs.

IT Staffing neededIt doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a php-developers, front-end developers, project management or software testers. Next this we offer also single senior developers who can do the maintenance and support for your application or project. Within IT staffing we offer a lot of different options. Important for an estimation and later on an impeccable cooperation are the questions we will always ask, as states below.

IT Staffing questions at Sunbytes

  • Which skills sets are you looking for
  • Do you want to do the project management yourself
  • Are you technical qualified for managing the project or creating the requests
  • What is the estimated timeline and expectations
  • Is there enough budgets and for which scenario’s

These questions are a good foundation to start a initial meeting. In our experience with different businesses we have seen how projects work and sometimes also not. From our side, we will be able to advise you quite fast what the following steps should be for your organisation.

Whether you are you are looking to extent your expanding team or create a whole new team, we will help you. Every need is different and our solutions can be great for some but less perfect for others. This is why we will start every initial meeting open minded with the objective to see if our organizations will be a great match. We love to have fun at our work and see business and people flourish. Synergy is for us one of the most important aspects of a great cooperation.

The basic process to get your IT staffing going is described below. It may vary based on specific needs or situations.

  • Initial meeting based on the question above and the RFP
  • Sunbytes will start researching the RFP and will ask additional information if needed
  • When the scope and the situation is clear Sunbytes will send it for confirmation and feedback
  • After processing the feedback and confirmation Sunbytes will create a proposal that includes, actions, scope, time and the cost
  • When the proposal is final and agreed upon the fun can start!

Would you like to know how it is to work with us. Leave us a message and find out!