Team as a Service

Our experienced team of European and Vietnamese developers, offers what you would expect: Western quality and communication standards in combination with competitive trained developers, scale and rates. Team as a Service is the dream package for any partner.

As a provider of a full-scale Team as a Service, our priority is towards our clientele, in an age where agility and cooperation is essential. Our business model exemplifies such matters to provide rapid scalability to your business, in a long-term supporting contract. Our in-house team focuses on the values of your business while maintaining granular-level input and control over the final product.

We invest in getting to know your company and your IT needs so that we as a team can proactively advise on the project. Our premium and unique partnership is guaranteed to advance your business to new heights.
Our senior developers have grown to become vital to leading your team. They are highly qualified in the processes and standards utilised to develop and transcend your projects requirements. Alongside our technical team, we provide experienced project management to ensure your concerns over the distance of your team are eliminated from the process.

Benefits of a offshore TaaS with Sunbytes?

  • A dedicated team, tailored to your desires and conditions
  • We take care of the recruitment process
  • Independent  and expert developers and engineers
  • Easy to scale up at peak times
  • We are adaptable and improvement focused, therefore we think long with your needs
  • Project management from our Dutch or Vietnamese office
  • Flexible lead times possible
  • Hybrid pricing model which makes use of the best of both world
  • English communication
  • friendly and challenging working environment with a clear CSR policy
  • Years of experience working with IT companies and non IT companies

These are a few of the reasons why you should contact Sunbytes to talk about supplying your resources. We would be happy to see how we can help you. We aim to only work with clients for who we are an added value and were the cooperation is also fun. In the end resources means; people, and people only build long term relations when the work they are doing has meaning and gives fulfillment. At Sunbytes we aim that our staff and your team has fun in the work, develops their skills and grow in experience.

Your own team?

Software company, advertising agency or Internet company? You can set up your own hybrid team with our Dutch and Vietnamese offices starting with contracts from 6 months. We always have fitting candidates in PHP, JAVA, C++, HTML/CSS and JavaScript.


Next to our standard packages we offer custom packages. We understand that for your challenge you might be better off in efficiency, cost and performance if we create a specific team based on your specific situation. Contact us and lets discuss how Sunbytes can help you.

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