Team as a Service

Our experienced team of European management and Vietnamese developers, offers what you would expect: Western quality and communication standards in combination with competitive trained developers, scale and rates. This the the dream package Team as a Service for any partner.

Why offshore web development with Sunbytes?

These are a few of the reasons why you should contact Sunbytes to talk about supplying your resources. We would be happy to see how we can help you. We aim to only work with clients for who we are an added value and were the cooperation is also fun. In the end resources means; people, and people only build long term relations when the work they are doing has meaning and gives fulfillment. At Sunbytes we aim that our staff and your team has fun in the work, develops their skills and grow in experience.

Your own team?

Software company, advertising agency or Internet company? You can set up your own team in Vietnam starting with contracts from 3 months. We always have fitting candidates in PHP, JAVA, C++, HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Try us!

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