WordPress programmer

We only work with experienced WordPress developers, who can help you with elaborate customization projects and provide hands-on support with problems with existing WordPress projects.

Dedicated programmer or project based

Sunbytes offers support of WordPress developers in the following ways:

  • Dedicated programmer: With this option you will have at your disposal your personal  WordPress programmer for a fixed monthly fee. The huge advantage of this, is that the programmer will get an in depth knowledge of your working methods. This option is particularly suitable for companies that need permanent support and are looking for a long-term working relation with Sunbytes and the programmer in question.
  • Team as a Service: Here we will deliver a full WordPress team for you. All roles and disciplines are filled and depending on your budget and needs this can be done from 1fte per month to a full team of dedicated resources that will form a holistic WordPress team. Your projects will be realized according to the highest quality and newest standards: You will profit from an operation procedure in which performance and security are optimally guaranteed. Also important: Your design will be converted perfect into a 100% functioning WordPress website.

From customization to hands-on support
Because of many years of experience, your WordPress programmer is a jack of all trades. You can deploy our WordPress developers for example for:

  • The realization of a customized design in WordPress;
  • The development of customization functionality by means of incorporating a plugin;
  • The solving of problems in an existing WordPress website;
  • Outsourcing of project parts of your existing WordPress team.

How you can use us

Our customers sometimes use Sunbytes to fully outsource their WordPress development work, but also as a flexible addition to their existing programming team. Are you ready to be unburdened? Challenge us with a trial assignment, for which we would like to make you an offer that is difficult to refuse!