Senior full stack application developer

Zack is a software developer with over 6 years of experience developing applications. Zack excels in every stage of the life cycle of software development, including design creation, coding, debugging, testing, and maintenance.

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Technical skills

  • Has practical and solid experience with PHP, Angular, Bootstrap, HTML5/CSS3, NodeJS, React Native, Vue 3, Next JS, JavaScript, React, Redux-Saga, etc
  • Solid experience with database SQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Amazon AWS
  • Familiar with Google Analytics, A/B Testing

Soft skills/Teamwork: 

  • 4 years of Engineering team lead
  • Passionate about developing innovative programs
  • Well-versed in technology and writing code to create systems that are reliable and user-friendly
  • Enthusiastic about proposing innovative and tailored solutions to assist businesses in achieving their goals in various industries
  • A good team player and supportive to other team members
  • An enthusiastic mentor for his team members
  • Highly responsible, self-motivated, and self-disciplined.

Language skills: Chinese: fluent, English: pre-advanced


Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A.), and Computer engineering degree by University of Technology, Dalian

Industry Exposure

  • Blockchain
  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Transportation




English company Engineering Team Lead | Software Development

Nov 2017 – Feb 2021

  • Participated in creating scalable systems for three primary departments, including human resources, marketing, and supply chain
  • Ran monthly unit tests to determine software effectiveness and mend broken links or glitches in the system
  • Oversee a team of four software developers and lead weekly discussions to brainstorm ideas in software development and track changes made in existing programs

German Company – Senior Software Developer | Technology

Apr 2018 – Dec 2019

  • Maintained a system for documenting code and keeping track of software developments
  • Participated in strengthening the company’s backend services to optimize usage and prepare for emergency blackouts

English Company – Full-stack Developer | Blockchain

Mar 2018 – Oct 2019

  • Developed and designed critical software programs for the Bitcoin exchange platform
  • Implemented UI from Figma design as user-friendly
  • Also implemented the great Unit test.
  • Managed 2 Front-end developers and leaded customer communication for project success

Nigerian Company – Senior Front end Developer | Online Trading

Jan 2017 – Mar 2018

  • Modified existing software to detect and correct errors, improve performance, and upgrade interfaces.
  • Prepared reports on specifications and activities for each project.
  • Collaborated well with other team embers to determine the best design specifications and details.

English company – Mobile App Developer | Transportation

May 2015 – Dec 2016

  • Utilized advanced functions of the Java software development kit (SDK) in order to optimize the flexibility of apps for different mobile devices
  • Recorded exact details of errors during testing for further remediation
  • Checked on all source code to ensure usability by development staff
  • Created increased mobile adaptability for current apps in order to extend marketability

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