The FD Gazelles of 2023 will take place in Amsterdam on Thursday, 23 November. This year,  Sunbytes is thrilled to announce that we have been honored as an FD Gazelle 2023, recognizing us as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands.

Decade-long Journey of Resilience and Growth

As we share a monumental milestone in our journey, the path to this accolade wasn’t paved with ease. Like many, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic presented us with unforeseen challenges. The world seemed to hold its breath, businesses wobbled, and uncertainty was the only certainty. However, during these testing times the true spirit of Sunbytes shone through.

We’ve always been trying our best to deliver exceptional service and value for the past 12+ years as a global talent solution.

With a dynamic team, we pivoted, adapted, and found new ways to not just survive but thrive. This period saw us intensify our focus on dedicated solutions, optimizing our operations to serve our clients more efficiently in a rapidly changing world.

Amanuel Flobbe – Sunbytes Director:

We have grown from a small WordPress agency in 2011 to an international IT resources and solutions partner operating on a global scale. This journey is filled with incredible moments, dedicated people, and cherished memories. A heartfelt thank you to our team and partners as we brace for the future together.

At Sunbytes, we foster a culture where each individual’s contribution is valued, collaboration is critical, and work-life balance is not just a phrase but a practice. This approach didn’t just help us weather the storm; it enabled us to emerge stronger.

Celebration of Sunbytes as an FD Gazelle 2023

The FD Gazellen Awards is not just any award. It’s been a prestigious entrepreneurial accolade presented by Het Financieele Dagblad for two decades, honoring the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands. Being a part of this league is not just a testament to our growth but a reflection of our unwavering commitment to excellence.

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