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Senior back end & front end developer

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Rob has 4 years of experience with knowledge of PHP and Python development. Rob also possesses great skills in managing databases with MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Technical skills

  • Has practical experience with PHP, Python, GraphQL
  • Good experience with databases MySQL, PostgreSQL,
  • Competent at working as a front-end developer using Javascript, Nodejs, Typescript, NextJS, ReactJS, UI/ UX development, and GSAP Animation
  • Has good experience in PSR-2 / PSR-12 coding standards
  • Good experience with version control using Git, Gitflow, Gitlab/Bitbucket

Soft skills/Teamwork: 

  • Capable to propose solutions to client needs
  • Familiar with working directly with US/EU clients and always fulfills his assigned work with high standards
  • A good team player and supportive to other team members
  • An enthusiastic mentor for his team members
  • Highly responsible, self-motivated, and self-disciplined.

English skills: Pre-Advanced level. He can collaborate well with our international clients


  • Informatics Engineer Degree by UNIVERSIDAD RAFAEL BELLOSO CHACIN (URBE), Venezuela

Industry Exposure

  • Transportation
  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Gaming
  • Business Industry
  • Social & Utilities


Georgia, United States


Current Employer Senior Back End Developer | Shipping Company

Jan 2021 – present

  • Develop client-side features for an internal back office that allowed the managers to see productivity in warehouses of each country
  • Improve the legacy code and performance of the application
  • Reduce bundle size of the application with webpack
  • Implement new APIs and rebuild the way that the data shows
  • Implement new features and modules
  • Maintain old features with direct user feedback
  • Delegate tasks to Jr. Developers and help them to improve best practices in code
  • Technologies stacks: ReactJs, SASS, Node, Express, Typescript

Previous Company – Senior Web Developer | Banking

2020 – 2021

  • Developed features for an internal back-office used for rolling out new clients in a massive way into the bank.
  • Improved the legacy code and performance of the application.
  • Implemented new APIs and rebuilt the way that the data showed.
  • Responsible for maintaining the web application with the same features as the mobile app
  • Technology Stacks: ReactJs, NextJs, Styled-component, Node, Express

Previous Company – Senior Web Developer Back/Front and Cloud Engineer| Global Agency

2017 – 2020

  • Work for the agency to serve several clients to maintain and develop web applications
  • Responsible for the agency’s servers
  • Maintained Databases of the agency
  • Worked as Technical Leader for new projects
  • Developed web applications for commercial campaigns
  • Technology Stacks: ReactJs, Reactjs, Javascript, Vanilla, Laravel, CSS, HTML

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