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Sunbytes offers you a skillful dedicated software development team that allows you to fully control your project process and scope. Our remote developers, more than that, will assist you in choosing the most appropriate technologies for your project thanks to the team’s extensive knowledge and expertise with various technology stacks. You will be pleasantly surprised by Sunbyte’s enthusiasm for modern tech trends gained from regular training sessions from Sunbytes’s Tech experts. Your dedicated software engineers can even help you be updated with top-notch technology solutions tailored for your projects.  

For over 10 years of operation, we have supported our clients in bringing their ideas to life by developing many projects ranging from custom software development, API, complex websites, and mobile apps for our clients. Most of our talents are specialized in developing the following digital products:

Our expertise

1. Custom web application development

Want your products to be original and innovative? Your team will assist you in developing and implementing software products to solve your specific business issues. Whether they are internal inventory management, customer portals, online stores, or key integrations with third-party vendors, Sunbytes staff can step up and tackle the challenges for you.

2. Complex website development

10 years in the industry has helped Sunbytes establish our strong position in building more than 200+ complex websites for our clients. We are professional in framing the end-user personas, customer journeys and other decisive elements of complex websites such as digital strategy, content strategy, web analytics.

3. Mobile application development

Mobile application development is the process that Sunbytes engineers design and create a sleeky software application that runs effortlessly on a mobile device. This expertise is proudly one of Sunbytes’ strengths. Together with our clients, we have participated to introduce many mobile applications to end-users.

Key technologies

Programming languages & tools


Ruby on Rail





C sharp






Elastic Search





Mobile development














Custom Software development methods

Successful projects are well-managed. We strongly advise you to pick the right technique for managing your projects depending on the urgency and end-user expectations for project deliverables. When you hire a Sunbytes team of dedicated developers, you’ll be backed up by experienced specialists who can help you figure out what works best for your projects. The following are some of the most common approaches that Sunbytes engineers utilize and implement on a regular basis with our clients:

Waterfall, Agile/Scrum, Kanban

Let’s compare the pros and cons of each method and
check which one can give you the best outcome for your project:

Basic PhilosophySystems are fully predictable and can be specified in advance. Assume business needs remain broadly similar throughout the project.Integrate business, development, and QA for rapid delivery of software. Iterate “sprint” cycles. Assumes the priority of business needs may change.Work is managed in a way that can be easily represented visually. Strive to minimize the work in progress and to move items from one status to another.
Documentation LevelComprehensiveLightLight
Automation LevelLowVariedVaried
Delivery of ValueSlow – only at major milestones (3-6 months)Rapid (daily/weekly)Continuous
Business/ product involvementNo (Typical)YesYes
Response to new business needs (Flexible requirements)Extremely limited due to detailed specificationResponsive – iterative delivery enables prioritizationHighly flexible – changes can be made at any time.
CollaborationLow – teams operate in functional silosImproved – business is highly engaged, short development cyclesHigh – all stakeholders involved from project start
Quality Low – issues not identified until the testing phaseImproved – issues identified after every “sprint”Continuous release and improvement
RiskIncreases as the project progressDecreases as the project progressDecreases as the project progress
Customer feedback At project completionFrequent – after every sprintContinuous

Quality assurance

To ensure the best quality of the product before it is introduced to the end-users, Sunbytes has been using the following quality management processes for many years and recommends you apply it for your dedicated team

Software testing process

  • Testing the design
  • Testing the UX
  • Software Testing
  • Functional testing
  • Integration testing
  • Technical testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing
  • Unit testing

Review process

  • Requirements review
  • Architecture design review
  • Usability review
  • Conformity review
  • Feasibility review
  • Code reviews

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