An accurate breakdown of the countries with the highest-earning front end web developer salary, from Entry-Level to Seniority. 

‘Front End Web Developer’ is one of the positions in a dedicated team that Sunbytes offers to our clients. Front End Web Developers are highly skilled in their specialty language, whether it be HTML/CSS or Javascript. Other variables, such as a developer’s tech-stack, native language, and location are reflected in their annual salary.

After deep analysis, Sunbytes found out that the most important elements influencing a front end developer’s salary are:

  • Professionalism
  • Type of expertise
  • Years of expertise
  • The front end developer’s tech stack: consists of the programming languages, frameworks, tools, and technologies. 
  • Location
  • Language abilities, such as fluency in English and/or Dutch

This wider analysis of the costs or Front-End Web Developer Salary by country presents radical contrasts primarily due to supply and demand and the capabilities of such specialists. Employers may also note the significance of national contributions, pensions, and dividends to the developer’s take-home pay, but no one read this article for an economics lesson. From now on, we’ll discuss hard cash pay, front end web developer salary potential in accordance with their experience, and other aspects of this in relation to each country’s standard of living.

The leading countries offering the most attractive average front end web developer salary tend to stay the same over the years. These are the USA, Australia, Canada, and a cluster of European countries.


USA is traditionally one of the top destinations to earn as a Front-End Developer. Home of many top tech companies, the annual average salary ranges between 87,000$ – 150,000$ according to the data collected. Only SalaryExpert was capable of giving data on junior front end developers (1-3 years of experience). Those with minimal experience or fresh out of university are expected to earn an average salary of $63,660.

Salary in the USA for developers is widely dependent on location, with those located on the West Coast experiencing higher salary averages. However, on average, a Front-End Developer is looking at a 16% increase in salary potential over a 5 year period. 




Front end developer salary in Australia is mostly relevant to the cost of living in its major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. With a predicted wage increase of 19%  over a 5-year period according to SalaryExpert, the price tag seemed appealing. 

According to, their analysis shows a front end developer with less than two years of experience earns around 44,200 AUD per year.

Someone with two to five years of experience may expect to earn 62,700 AUD each year, which is 42% more than someone with less than two years of experience.

Moving forward, someone with five to ten years of experience earns 82,400 AUD per year, which is 31% more than someone with two to five years of experience.


Switzerland is a melting pot for extremely high salaries. In theory, for a Front End Developer in Zurich, they will expect to earn 45$ an hour on average for their services with a 4,244$ average yearly bonus according to Salaryexpert.

The average income for an entry-level front end developer (1-3 years of experience) is CHF 61,223. A senior-level front end developer (8+ years of experience), on the other hand, makes an average of CHF 108,812. This is a potential salary increase of 77% in less than 10 years.



The average salary in Israel’s high-tech sector stands at five figures. There, front end programmers get an annual remuneration of $58,761 to $74,139. Seasoned developers are valued higher with a median salary of $101,095, whereas entry-level specialists can expect to make a maximum of $44,114.


According to Glassdoor, Ottawa is the best place to work as a front end developer, with a median pay of $61,828. Following that is Toronto, which has a somewhat lower total of $57,751. Kitchener-Waterloo and Vancouver, which pay $54,117 and $51,812, respectively, are similarly close to the national average. With a yearly salary of $49,525 in Montreal, it comes in last on the list.

The junior front end developer salary has the lowest number and reaches the maximum of $40,381. The most experienced workers make up to $92,244 per year, while mid-level workers earn an average of $58,719.


The average front end developer gross salary in Frankfurt is 68.179 € or an equivalent hourly rate of 33 €. The average front end developer gross salary in Berlin, Germany is 69.145 €. This is 0% lower (-92 €) and 1% higher (+874 €) respectively than the average front end developer salary in Germany. 

The average salary in Israel’s high-tech sector stands at five figures. There, front-end engineers get an annual remuneration of $58,761 to $74,139. Seasoned developers are valued higher with a median salary of $101,095, whereas entry-level specialists can expect to make the maximum of $44,114

The Netherlands

A Front End Developer in the Netherlands can gain from $4,500 to $7,500 per month. Those who live in Amsterdam can earn up to €63,176 per year and this amount of income can differ widely in other areas of the country.

This is the average monthly pay, which includes housing, transportation, and other perks. Salary ranges for Front End Developers vary greatly depending on experience, abilities, gender, and region.



Northern Europe is a growing conglomerate of technological business and tech-educated talent. Government initiatives and smart business ventures have allowed Front End Developers in Denmark, Norway, and Finland to come plentiful and in high demand.



No annual data was available on Glassdoor but adding the monthly potential in Denmark, a front end web developer salary average is between $63,108 and $76,371. 

The estimated salary potential for front end developers will increase 14 % over 5 years, a 73% increase between junior and senior salaries, and annual bonuses are estimated to be $3,686 on average. 


The average front end developer gross salary in Norway differs slightly between Glassdoor and SalaryExpert. Combined, they estimate a front end developer salary to be KR 622,871 ($70,689) and KR 675 508 ($76,693) respectively.

The hourly rate equivalent is estimated at KR 325 ($26.85). In addition, they earn an average bonus of KR 30 195 ($3,450). A lack of data on Glassdoors end for senior salaries was recorded. However, SalaryExpert estimates that the senior front End Developers earn a high of KR 839,081 ($95,232) per annum.


Reports in 2019 indicated the average annual salary for software developers was $43,000. Though this spans the entirety of the programming sector it is interesting to view a leap to € 61,020, or €29 € per hour in 2022. 

A bonus of € 2,728€on average sees Finland is marginally behind their Nordic Neighbours in average gross salary but benefit overall with the standard of living rate.

Source of Data

Sourcing average annual salary data for front end web developer salary was relatively simple through employment sites such as Glassdoor and Salary Expert. Each website gets its data through individual salary surveys and public sources. 

To get a well-rounded perspective on each country, we took data of all Front-End developer experience levels 一 Entry/Junior, Middle and Senior Level. All the data found was presented in each country’s local currency. To give you a straightforward comparison and prevent you from converting currency on Google; all salary amounts will be presented in US Dollars ($). 

The income analysis above is mostly for native developers working within the country. If you are searching for the cost to hire remote developers, let Sunbytes help you!


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