Launched in 2005, TeamViewer focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable online remote support and collaboration globally. TeamViewer is the pioneer in delivering smart solutions that provide businesses and individuals with remote desktop support, remote access, and online collaboration to connect worldwide. 

IT service

The background 

TeamViewer nowadays serves more than 600,000 customers worldwide, offers 6 product lines, and carries out various marketing campaigns to approach many people with different demands. The primary platform of most marketing campaigns by TeamViewer is their website which has 21 localized versions and receives enormous traffic from audiences worldwide. Therefore, TeamViewer was looking for an IT staffing company to conduct a website audit to leverage its setup for external campaigns. Most of the tasks are related to the following elements of the websites:

  1. Website performance 
  2. Website interface
  3. Technology used
  4. DevOps structure 

Our solution

A transition from an external consultant to a dedicated team integrated into the organization

TeamViewer and Sunbytes started our long-term partnership last 2018. After the initial cooperation, TeamViewers were impressed by the solutions suggested by Sunbytes software developers and delegated the implementation tasks to the team. A team of 8 members was quickly formed and the team worked tirelessly to achieve the deadlines set by the Marketing team at that time.

From those days forward, Sunbytes dedicated developers have continuously supported the TeamViewer internal development team in applying the tailored solutions with their current system, not only to create a unique but pleasant surfing experience for website audiences, and produce better outcomes for the Marketing campaigns but also to cater to the various needs of different departments inside the organization. The biggest success in our partnership lay in our impeccable cooperation in which our dedicated team tried our best to:

Ensure the sustainability of the system by clean code

The regular code review sessions between the Sunbytes team and internal TeamViewer staff is a must-have step in our daily project tasks to provide top-level code quality and to guarantee that the code follows the standard style set by the organization.

Empower the TeamViewer development team to reach the deadlines set by internal stakeholders

Standing at the forefront of innovative technologies that act as a catalyst to connect people and businesses together by anything, from anywhere and at any time, TeamViewer regards compliance with deadlines as a critical element to achieving success. Therefore, cooperation with Sunbytes has lessened the uplift pressure on the internal developers to meet the deadline targets of unforeseen frequent changes. More than that, our partnership has also given more opportunities for the organization to spontaneously put its innovative ideas into action without creating burdens on the current workforce.

Share the value-added knowledge and expertise with the client

Working with us, TeamViewer internal team also benefited from the best-tailored solutions proposed by the top experienced IT engineers from both Vietnam and The Netherlands. The expertise from us truly has helped TeamViewer to expand its horizons in functions, compatibility, and security online, and has awarded us with many compliments from our client.

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