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  • The road to master Scrum

    Scrum is a popular term in software development, but when asking applicants, who refer to Scrum on their CV’s, for some examples, every individual just mentions some Scrum practices, such as Daily stand-up (even though in Scrum it’s called Daily Scrum), sprints and Product Owners.

    8 August 2017 Read more

  • 10 basic cyber security rules for online...

    Last week I gave a cyber security awareness session for the EuroCham office staff. During my preparation of this session I saw that all the experts are saying a few basic but important things. To understand what kind of behavior is harmful for a organization you have to understand what kind of risks are out there. In this post I give the most basic but very important steps every organisation should take to keep their work safe and secure.

    6 June 2017 Read more

  • WordPress experts, how do you select them

    When you're browsing a for "WordPress Expert" you will directly see that this is a challenging task. What is an expert and what makes someone an expert. In this blog we will discuss how search and find the right WordPress experts.

    29 May 2017 Read more

  • Updates vs. Maintenance WordPress sites

    We got asked on a regular basis what the added value is for a maintenance contract for WordPress sites. Updates are easy right! Here we explain what the difference is between updates and maintenance.

    26 May 2017 Read more

  • Helping out the elderly in Vinh Son

    Thanks to many donors, we were once again able to help out less fortunate people. For the March 2016 charity edition, we chose the Vinh Son nursing home in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City as the place we would visit and bring joy to poor elderly without any relatives left to be taken care of.

    29 March 2016 Read more