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Medior full-stack WordPress developer with excellent English

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Dan has 10 years of experience with strong knowledge of PHP development using  WordPress CMS, including nearly 2 years working at Sunbytes as a mediator Backend Developer. He has contributed significantly to the success of many projects at Sunbytes.

Technical skills

  • Has practical and solid experience with PHP, modern WordPress development using Sage, and Javascript / Jquery / Bootstrap frameworks
  • Solid experience with MVC, OOP, SQL, MySQL, CSS, HTML, with ReactJS
  • Professional experience working as a front-end developer using HTML5/ CSS3 / Bootstrap, SASS, Blade, BEM
  • Confident and savvy with some CMS like Joomla, Opencart, WordPress with Woocomerce and its extensions, multisite, and multilingual setup
  • Have good knowledge with auto-deploy scripting (CI/CD) using Gitlab CI
  • Strong experiences with design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD
  • Tools used: PHPstorm, Sourcetree, Sublime Text, Brackets, Xampp, Prepros, Zeplin, Git/Bitbucket, Trello, Asana, familiar with VIM
  • Has good experience in PSR-2 / PSR-12 coding standards
  • Good experience with version control using Git, Gitflow, Gitlab/Bitbucket

Soft skills/Teamwork: 

  • Served 3 years in a role as a Web Leader
  • Capable to propose solutions to client needs
  • Familiar with working directly with US/EU clients and always fulfills his assigned work with high standards
  • A good team player and supportive to other team members
  • An enthusiastic mentor for his team members
  • Highly responsible, self-motivated, and self-disciplined.

English skills: Pre-Advanced level. He can collaborate well with our Dutch Project Managers


  • Certificate of Higher Diploma in Software Engineering by Aptech Computer Education School
  • Software Engineering Degree by Ho Chi Minh University of Transport

Industry Exposure

  • Education
  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Gaming
  • Business Industry
  • Social & Utilities


Ho Chi Minh City


Sunbytes Back End Developer

Mar 2020 – present

Project 1 – Back End Developer & Technical Consultant | Finance & Real Estate Industry

  • Website in WordPress with content pages
  • Create a calculation tool to calculate how much loan can be applied for using an extensive excel calculation
  • Loan application tool behind a login in Symfony to process all application information
  • Applications interface to manage all applications and send to approvers and a Banking system through an API
  • Personal information and validation based on criteria, conditions, and API checks
  • Asset information and maximum loan amount calculations
  • Loan parts calculations
  • Technologies stacks: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), Symfony, Twig, WordPress

Project 2Back End Developer within a Scrum team | Utilities Industry

  • Multisite sharing same source code with 3 separate WooCommerce webshops focused on different markets (in geography, language, and currency)
  • Webshop to display physical products and subscriptions
  • Subscription management connected to WooCommerce
  • Integration of multiple other official WooCommerce extensions
  • API connection to external application to provide subscription details
  • Follow-up automation for subscription renewals
  • Technologies stacks: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), Woocomerce, Modern WordPress with Sage9, Blade Template Engine

Project 3 – Back End Developer | Education Industry

  • Site for online/offline course registration.
  • Fetching API for locations & courses.
  • Calling API for registration of new students/classes.
  • Showing a map with locations to register.
  • Order processing based on Woocommerce system.
  • WordPress daily cron job for importing locations/courses.
  • Technologies stacks: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), Modern WordPress with Sage9, Blade Template Engine

Project 4 – Back End Developer | Law Service Industry

  • WooCommerce site with a gallery of sample contracts.
  • Online customizable contract with editable forms
  • Order processing based on woocommerce systems.
  • JS-based forms.
  • Technologies stacks: PHP7, WordPress (Woocommerce, ACF,…), Javascript, HTML, CSS, SASS, OOP, MCV, Gitflow, Modern WordPress using Bedrock/Sage9

Projects 5,6,7 – Back End Developer | Technology – Education – Consultancy

  • Websites developed with Gutenberg blocks (included custom blocks) and  Bedrocks/Sage9
  • Blade templating using business logic and data from controllers & data layer.
  • Technologies stacks: WordPress

Previous Company – Web Leader

2017 – 2020

  • Build many outsourcing websites from Japan (both frontend and backend) and manage tasks and timelines of web teams and freelancers. Contact us to get the list of the websites he built.
  • Technologies stacks: HTML, CSS, Jquery, PHP & MySQL, Nukeviet, CI, Cs-cart.


2013 – 2017

  • Build hundreds of websites for clients in Vietnam, Australia, and Japan  
  • Technologies stacks: WordPress, Woocommerce, Bootstrap 3-4, HTML5/CSS3, JQUERY, MIGS API, MYSQL

Previous Company – Multi Positions

2013 – 2017

Project 1 – Developer | Tourism Industry

  • Build a website based on WordPress CMS, work with clients, and collect requirements members. Making quotation and contract, timeline. 
  • Technologies stacks: WordPress, LAMP, HTML/CSS, JQUERY, Responsive UI.  

Project 2 – Main Developer | Retail Industry

  • Build a website with eCommerce function
  • Technologies Stacks: OpenCart CMS, HTML/CSS, LAMP, OOP, MVC.

Project 3 – Team Leader | Entrepreneur & Business Industry

  • Analyze Database, build custom CMS using CI, and assign tasks & functions to members. 
  • Technologies Stacks: CodeIgniter, LAMP, HTML5/CSS3

Project 4 – Front End Developer | Mobile Application

  • Making Application UI using HTML/CSS. 
  • Technologies Stacks: HTML, CSS, JQUERY, SASS

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