Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The rapid pace of business often blinds corporations of the responsibility they have to the earth and those who inhabit it.

We believe that having a clear view on Corporate Social Responsibility is the least we can do with regard to building a sustainable future. CSR is an integral vision on entrepreneurship in the 21st century, through which the company creates value in social (People), ecological (Planet) and economic (Profit) areas.

Some examples of activities we undertake in these fields:

  • People: long term vision on recruiting, wages in line with the market, strong focus on investing in human capital, creating an open atmosphere in which people play a central role, etc.
  • Planet: creating a healthy and pleasant working environment for our employees, energy saving measures, providing CO2-neutral hosting, etc.
  • Profit:¬†contributing to a healthy economic situation, fair financial deals with clients and suppliers, investing in long-term goals, etc.

CSR is an important and relevant issue and also the spirit of the company. That is why we constantly work on improving our CSR policy and enhancing the impact in the fields of People, Planet and Profit.

Because it is part of our DNA, our staff suggested to start organizing charity events. As we believe in helping our fellow man, we double the donations and facilitate the events. From the beginning, not only our employees wanted to take part in the charity days, but also friends, family and others. In the news section you will find reports of these days

So please feel free to question us about this and come up with new suggestions and ideas. Because together we can build a better planet..