Dedicated remote developers are those who continuously work on your projects and integrate with your team. They pay 100% attention to your project. They can work in the same timezone as you, in the same system as you are using, and they strive for your goals and your achievements.


Dedicated remote developers

Sunbytes has excellent dedicated remote developers and engineers to take care of your mission critical projects. Our remote developers, QA engineers and project managers are extensively experienced in software development of multiple programming languages such as Javascript, HTML5, PHP 7 (Laravel), Nodejs (Express), Python (Django, Flask). Hiring remote developers and software engineers from us will help you avoid the hustle of recruitment, training and management and enable you to launch or expand your project immediately.
++ 5 years experience

++ 5 years experience

Onboard immediately

Onboard immediately

Multiple programming languages

Multiple programming languages


Benefits of hiring a dedicated remote developer from Sunbytes

Start immediately. No delay in project expansion

Lowest cost for recruitment and transparent cost model

Scalable quickly

No risk of staff turnover

Backed by a dedicated team and Tech lead from Sunbytes

No startup cost, flexible engagement model

Comparison between hiring a freelancer and working with Sunbytes

Freelancers or Headhunter agenciesHiring via Sunbytes
Time to get the right developer1-3 weeksImmediately
Time to start a project 2- 4 weeks2-3 days
Time to scale size of the team3-12 weeks2-3 days
Experience of dedicated resources UnsureGuaranteed and tested
Dedicated account managerNoYes
Quality assurance No Yes
Project failure riskHighExtremely low
Dedicated resources
backed by a team/ CTO
Impact due to turnoverYesNo
Regular training and industry updatesAt freelancers’ initiativesMandatorily regular
Available time36 hours/ week36 hours/ week
Cost modelDaily/ Weekly/ MonthlyDaily/ Weekly/ Monthly
Recruitment surcharge feeYes ( platform usage/ recruitment free)No

Diverse technology competency of our dedicated remote developers

Supporting our clients via more than 200 projects, our dedicated developers are skillful and experts in developing software and applications using multiple programming languages.

When it comes to WordPress, Sunbytes has helped our clients revamp and realize hundreds of websites for both big and small Internet companies and advertising agencies. These agencies, therefore, profit from a perfect combination of competitive rates, many years of experience, short lead times, and guaranteed high quality.

For web application projects, our top-notch developers have been playing key roles in creating, building, and maintaining the systems for our clients.

The experience that Sunbytes’ dedicated developers have obtained throughout the projects will absolutely bring more benefits and waive the training cost and time for you. Currently, Sunbytes have a collective of 10+ dedicated developers and QA engineers across every major platform for web and app development that comes along with international standard and a high level of quality assurance. They are all ready to join your project right away!


Front end developers

Our professional front-end developers are experts with knowledge about HTML5/ CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Vuejs, Bootstrap, and Jquery. They will support you in web development bring creative and lively visuals to the platforms that you are working on.

Fullstack developers

Full stack developers at Sunbytes are experts in multiple frameworks, ranging from Javascript frameworks such as React JS, Vue, and Angular, to PHP 7 (Laravel), Nodejs (Express) Python (Django, Flask).

WordPress specialists

With a deep understanding of PHP 7, PSR-2/ PSR-12 coding standards, Woocommerce, ACF, and other trendy technologies, they will help you build a customized WordPress site or create community portals and platforms for your clients.

QA Engineers / Testers

Quality assurance specialists at Sunbytes are familiar with various types of testing such as UI/UX Testing, Web performance tests, smoke tests, regression tests, functional tests on different operation systems by using various tracking tools such as Jira, Active Collab.

Meet Our Available Remote Developers

All of dedicated remote developers at Sunbytes must pass through multiple projects before being appointed as a dedicated developer to our clients. This process ensures that you get the top-notch experienced remote developers.

Skillful Front End Developer

Lee is a very supportive, creative, and dedicated developer of Sunbytes. She has successfully contributed to many projects at our company and satisfied our clients with her ability to create SEO-friendly, user-centric but eye-catching web interface.

Lee is ready to join your team now!

senior front end developer


Talented Front End Developer

3 years working as Front-End Team Leader and 7 years as a front end developer, Leo has wide experience in his field and a strong understanding of web interface. He can help to transform your sketched ideas into beautiful responsive blocks on your website.

Leo loves to join your team today!


Simple and fast process to get onboarded!

With Sunbytes, you can hire remote dedicated developers in just some single steps and a monthly fixed cost

Get in touch!

Get in touch!

You check our available CVs

You check our available CVs

You select the avalaible CVs on our website

You select the avalaible CVs on our website

We set up interview between you and our dedicated resources

We set up interview between you and our dedicated resources

Start your team! We accelerate your growth together!

Start your team! We accelerate your growth together!

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Why should you trust Sunbytes?

Let’s take a quick look at why Sunbytes' dedicated remote developer are chosen for our clients' team for the last 10 years.

10 years in software development and IT consulting.

10 years in software development and IT consulting.

200+ successful projects.

200+ successful projects.

Regular training for IT specialists on latest tech trends

Regular training for IT specialists on latest tech trends

Affordable pricing without compromising the quality

Affordable pricing without compromising the quality

Flexible & scalable

Flexible & scalable

Agile development

Agile development

Trusted by many clients

Trusted by many clients

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We use Jira to track the tasks and monitor the project development progress. However, you can request our dedicated developers to use your tracking platform.

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