DieWertschöpfer GmbH1, under the wing of Handwerksgruppe Philip Mecklenburg (HPM), is a supporting organization company which provides services to its sister companies insidethe HPM group.  DieWertschöpfer assists its customers in a variety of ways, including negotiating purchase terms with various suppliers and vendors, educational opportunities for painters and foremen, and technical and commercial advice and fleet management inside HPM.

Construction and maintenance

The background:

Providing a wide range of services, DWS makes every effort to advise its sister company on suitable material preparation for construction sites and to correctly choose the suitable vendors based on the vendors’ price quotations. 

Employees at DWS had to deal with a lot of paperwork on a daily basis, and their manual pricing and invoice comparisons sometimes resulted in incorrect calculations. As a result, DWS internal experts concluded that the firm required a smart, innovative but practical internal tool with the following capabilities:

Evaluating thousands of different pricing options

Comparing invoices from many vendors

Adding a large number of invoices

Our solution:

A dedicated team to create the digital solutions to improve efficiency and accuracy

Collaborating closely with DWS internal digital transformation experts, Sunbytes dedicated team of 4 members designed, built, deployed the digital solutions which replaced the previous monotonous paper tasks and then integrated these newborn tools into the current systems of DWS 

More than that, our dedicated programmers have continuously worked to create enhanced administrative and organization functions to ensure DWS employees have easy access to essential information. 


A customized dashboard designed to make it easier for employees to discover the applications they need.


An unlimited internal knowledge base of products, product description, and attachments such as videos, pictures, with its own search engine tool 

Price comparison & price comparison tool

Price Comparison tool is a platform for vendors and suppliers to upload their own pricing lists in various excel forms. Information once uploaded is automatically classified into the categories or suggested identifiers. After that, the price comparisons are available for download in different formats. Daily, the price comparison returns search results from nearly 50 price listings with nearly 800,000 products.  Price comparison API, on the other hand, is a connection that allows the system to take data from a price comparison platform and pass it on to other programs to complete tasks. 

Invoice comparison

An application that loads invoices from a remote SFTP server, reads invoices in EDIFACT or IDoc format and extracts data for a variety of comparisons. This platform has constantly received an increasing-over-time quantity of invoices from more than 10 suppliers with approximately 150,000 invoices.

After 3 years of the partnership, the great work of Sunbytes dedicated team received many compliments from the client thanks to the most state-of-the-art solutions we brought to the table:

Search algorithm by Elastic Search to detect keywords

Each procedure in Speedies needs a different set of adjustments and materials. When a user puts a term into the search field, the system will automatically recognize and show the keywords it has stored from past searches or searches that users have entered into the system.

Connection with Minio and Directus

Every day, these apps receive a massive amount of data; as a result, we use sophisticated digital asset management systems like Minio and Directus to provide safe data storage as well as quick and flexible data specification and utilization in the system’s back end.

Technology stacks



Symfony 4

API Platform


Elastic Search

“Working with the Sunbytes team has given me the benefit of working with flexible well-trained developers without losing control over the project, scope, and impact.”

Oliver Fuchs, Digital specialist dieWertschöpfer

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