Kwadraad is an organization in the social domain executing social policies for the municipalities in South Holland and Utrecht-West. They help individuals with day-to-day difficulties by guiding and supporting people in need of aid with misery, loss, conflict and violence, and education.

Social Organization

The challenge

To execute the missions of social work assigned by the government, in 2010, Kwadraad decided to kick off the project to build the platform Online Dossier, an EPD system in which professionals and clients communicate and keep track of their progress. After some years of operating, in 2015, the platform became popular with other industry partners who started to realize its benefits and adopt the system to create a blended online client experience for help seekers. However, this important milestone resulted in some challenges the organization had to face:

New feature development

Kwadraad is a creative organization with an ambition to lift life burdens from people’s shoulders regardless of the variety of their requests. Therefore, Kwadraad foresaw the need for new features and the need for an innovative and dependable partner to accompany them on this path.

Team expansion to handle requests from users

The more popularity Online Dossier receives, the more pressure the internal Kwadraad team has to withstand. A smart solution to this problem is looking for an IT staff augmentation company that could provide Kwaraad team with experienced developers and is capable of performing immediate scalability on demand.

Our solution

Maintain the (EPD) System by A Remote Dedicated Development Team

The partnership started in 2015 when Kwardraad placed the trust in Sunbytes to support them in maintaining their EPD system, with a dedicated team of two remote developers. For 5 years, the Sunbytes TaaS team added a lot of features into the system and empower Online Dossier to become a multi-functional system. Online Dossier nowadays is processing and storing huge volumes of data from thousands of clients in the Netherlands. The following are some of the outstanding features that have made this EPD system a source of pride for Kwadraad:

Each installation is completely configurable by a system administrator from some branding configuration until the template of the notifications.

Each installation contains unlimited types of dossiers completely configurable from the sets of features designed for them.

Each application allows users to create as many forms as they wish which can be used over the application.

Each installation provides the possibility for professionals, clients & supporters to communicate easily together using different communication channels such as pre-created forms, messaging, chat, homework, KPIs, piezo, …

Looking forward to an ongoing partnership 

Since the start of our cooperation in 2015, Online Dossier has succeeded in improving the experience and communication of thousands of Kwadraad’s clients. Despite this, the system has given out warnings of overload due to the massive amount of data generated by its popularity. More than that, it endures the stringent data protection standards of GDPR and NEN 7513 regulations that Kwadraad is following. The excellent results of the EDP project for the last 6 years have established a trusted partnership between Kwadraad and Sunbytes. For this reason, Kwadraad entrusts Sunbytes to renew the whole system with the most modern tech solutions to open up more capacity for the future usage. This enables Sunbytes to deploy a hybrid and multidisciplinary dedicated development team with the most essential roles:

The Netherlands


Visual design




Front end

Back end


Project management

Led by an external project lead, Sunbytes team is working to renew the whole application into a new user-friendly, robust and scalable platform operated by the following practice solutions:


To remove the disadvantages of one single code base, the Sunbytes dedicated developers came up with an alternative approach which uses microservices, allowing individual services to have their own applications. Once created, each service may be deployed independently of one another, making it simple to detect and scale up the most important services without affecting the entire system and ensuring greater fault isolation, meaning that if one service fails, the entire program does not have to cease working. Up to now, there have been more than 10 microservices added to Online Dossier platform.

Fully Automatic Testing and Deployment

At Sunbytes, we deploy automation for most parts of the development and integration path. When code is produced, the system will automatically run the test before the code is reviewed again via peer review, a process of assessing the technical content and quality of the software by the author of the software together with some other developers. The process of automatic testing and deployment utilized at Sunbytes is as follows:

Automatic check on international coding standards (PSR12)

Automatic code testing

Automatic quality control

Peer review

Automatic deployment

CI/CD Pipeline 

In software engineering, CI/CD or CICD is the combined practice of continuous integration (CI) and either continuous delivery or continuous deployment (CD). CI/CD bridges the gaps between development and operation activities and teams by enforcing automation in the building, testing, and deployment of applications into the system. This way, our dedicated team is able to monitor the roll-out of new features and prevent them from triggering any downtime.

A Comprehensive Environment for Scalable Demand

Facing the exponential growth of data as mentioned above, Sunbytes consulted with our client to apply the latest technologies for the new system that allows scalable demand in accordance with the nature of the business.

Technology stacks









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