DWS (dieWertschöepfer) is remarkably successful in the construction and maintenance of some of the biggest corporation buildings located in Germany. DWS offer a wide range of services in line with construction site optimization, purchasing, and training.

Along with their physical presence towards their clients, their online presences gives regular up-to-date information on new products, materials, construction law, PPE, vehicle safety and much more.

Through Sunbytes provision of a suitable team of experts, we devised a strategy to optimize their current WordPress website to organise the monotonous paper file tasks onto an online server.

A team of 4 colleagues with multiple skills took responsibility to design, build and test DWS’s latest applications. Our team worked collectively to create enhanced administrative and organization functions to ensure employees had easy access to essential information. Work efficiency would go up and the room for human error would be reduced.

"Creating tools to improve efficiency and accuracy"

At Sunbytes, our team is trusted to communicate and this was achieved effortlessly with DWS. Our no excuses partnership allowed for an open line of conversation that made our client sense as though they were investing in a premium in-house development personnel.