Empire is a US company that monetizes high traffic websites as a business. With online business leading the way in gaining major revenue, Empire uses its design to increase the PPC and CPI of popular websites.

With the assistance of Sunbytes, we produced a team of developers PM and DevOps to optimize the functions that apply their marketing and advertising strategies.

Our recent partnership began and blossomed from providing them with a dedicated specialist and gradually formulating a Team as a Service team that is managed by our client together with other external teams.

Our cooperation is built on shared values, trust and hard work. We can utilize the best of our team to deliver authentic software to Empire who are highly successful in the monetization of popular websites. Our team’s focus and effort is providing Empire the best possible outcome. Our long term commitment to improving Empire and its IT needs is unlike the disjointed efforts a short term freelancer would provide. We are able to add value as part of their own organization and they are thriving every step of the way.