EuroCham Vietnam and its Information Communication Technology Sector Committee (ICTSC) organised the Cyber security, Internet of Things, and Connected Services conference towards a Smart city.

With a great cooperation between research institutes, public and private organisations EuroCham has brought them all together to discuss the challenges and opportunities that we will encounter when we transform Ho Chi Minh City towards a smart City.

As the chair of the Information Communication Technology Sector Committee of EuroCham I had the honor to host this event and meet a lot of great people and companies. For more information and the report please read this article.

The following press statement has been given to the press:

“EuroCham is very enthusiastic that Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has instructed that the larger cities of Vietnam and their authorities should take action towards becoming Smart Cities. This statement shows again that Vietnam is willing to step up and challenge itself. As the EuroCham ICT Sector Committee we stand with our organisation to support where needed. Our expertise and experience cuts across many fields, and this know-how is a necessary one to achieve the technological shift necessary to build, change and reform Vietnam’s cities. We hope that local partners, Government and authorities consider this support as a useful resource for the desired development for Vietnam. We are focused not only on the end result but also on the strategy and implementation of the cities and industries, as well as transferring knowledge and training. By bringing different experts from different levels and occupations, European companies and EuroCham members, building on their long-term experience and proven results over decades of Smart City implementation, can help address challenges and complexities in Vietnam, working together and sharing best practices.”

Amanuel Flobbe, EuroCham ICT SC Chairman
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