This year, Sunbytes chose to pursue Sustainable Development Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-being to improve the physical and mental health of employees. One of the engagement activities to raise the spirit of Sunbyters is the Pottery-making workshop which took place last May. 

This activity did not only help us have fun after a week of work but also strengthened the bond among all Sunbytes members. After 30 minutes of visiting the pottery workshop and a training session by the artisans on the process of creating handmade ceramic pottery, we all were so excited to demonstrate our talents in making pottery.

Then the team was all dropping our jaws when seeing a beautiful vase decorated with seashells from a software developer, or we all yelled “Wow” when looking at an elegant bowl created by the skillful hands of a project manager. Each step of pottery from shaping through wheel throwing, and slip casting requires our meticulousness and creativity. After 15 days of waiting, our products finally arrived in the office and brought us joyful moments when unboxing them.

Post-event, an internal survey showed that 100% of participants felt satisfied and all of them requested to participate in a similar out-of-work activity in a near future. This event marks the initial results of our sustainable target for this year and supports our belief: Whenever the experience of our team members is enriched and they are genuinely happy with the company, they will help Sunbytes step towards more success and reach a higher level, providing our clients with better service of IT staff augmentation ( dedicated team, dedicated developer and team as a service).

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